The Valiant and the Vile

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The Valiant and the Vile

The Valiant Knights versus the Vile Corrupted! Two massively modular miniature builder kits for 3D printing.

Core Bundles

The Basic campaign offers 2 teams, the Valiant Knights and the Vile Corrupted.

Each team started of with hundreds of equipment options.

Here is a overview of the parts, most part come in multiple versions such as different armor or pose.

The Valiant Knights

Valiant Weapons

Valiant Body options

Valiant Helmets

The Vile Corrupted

Vile Weapons

Vile Body options

Vile Helmets

Stretch Goals

18 Stretch Goals were unlocked during the original campaign on Kickstarter!
You will still get all of them for free if you grab the late pledges on MyMiniFactory now!
See below for some pictures of the completed Stretch Goals:

Vile Plague Mages

Valiant Heroes

Valiant Battle Mages

Objectives and Scatter-Terrain

More Equipment and Bits

More Equipment and Bits

More Equipment and Bits

Battlefield Bases and Toppers


The campaign offered a Sci-Fi Add-On that allows you to equip the Valiant and The vile with some futuristic gear as well as some unique body options.

The Sci-Fi upgrade bundle